Immune Boosting Supplements

Our immune system protects us from harmful agents like bad bacteria, parasites and viruses. When functioning properly, the immune system identifies a variety of threats, distinguishes them from the body’s own healthy tissue and fights them! More complicated than that but you get it. However due to our lifestyles, environmental exposures, virus mutation etc sometimes our immune system needs a little help. Fortunately there are several foods and supplements that can help with that.

Oregano oil: it is a natural antibiotic and antifungal. It also improves your respiratory function. Look for quality Oregano oil, like the one from Kion:

Vitamin C: excellent to boost your immune system. Getting enough vitamin C in your diet could help decrease symptoms and shorten the duration of respiratory infections. A good supplement (you might need your doctor to supply it for you) is from Biogenetix :

Vitamin D: important for the function of immune cells in the body, and a deficiency in this can actually increase the risk of infection. No bueno! A good supplement is from Xymogen (you might also need your doctor to supply it)

Zinc: it improves immunity, studies says that it can reduce the incidence and improve the outcome of serious conditions like pneumonia. A good  supplement is the Zinc from Pure formulas.

Elderberry: used for treating flu, is rich in health-promoting polyphenols. It is said to be one of the best immune boosters. I actually like the flavor haha! I like the Sambucol, Black Elderberry Syrup, Sugar Free Formula. You cna find them in most natural supplement stores and even regular supermarkets like Kroger, King Soopers, Sprouts etc

Colustrum: the immune benefits of it are mostly due to its high concentration of the antibodies IgA and IgG (fight viruses and bacteria) It is also good for healing injuries, repairing nervous system damage, improving mood and sense of well-being, slowing and reversing aging. Nice! A good supplement is the Colustrum from Kion:

Probiotics: promote production of antibodies, promote the good gut bacteria, inhibit growth of harmful bacteria, overall boost of immune system. Check the one from Dr Axe:

There are many other supplements that can help boosting your immune system. Remember to have a healthy lifestyle, balance in your diet and life. Take control of your health.

Pic: Anshu A, Unsplash

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