Quarantine-Continue Education or Free Online learning

Sad, stressful and difficult times we are living. Many of us are not working and have to stay home due to the COVID-19 situation (hope it gets better soon). I have walk the dogs, dance, sings, play Wii, exercise, cook, eat, Netflix and Chill, texts, social media etc What else we can do, that it is not (sometimes) that expensive, we can learn and even use it in our professional and/or personal life? Taking C.E. credits or just taking free or low cost classes online.

There are so many new websites or youtube videos were you can learn new skill, now some colleges, gyms or schools are offering free online classes. We can learn how to knit, prepare dinner, dance, podcast editing, personal development classes, Yoga. I took a Zoom Yoga Class with, Meg McNeal a Yoga Instructor that practices in NY.

I have also been taking C.E.credits for Chiropractic and HR/PR certifications (needed a refresher, haven’t work in Human Resources or Public Relations in a while)

For regular classes, a lot of websites are offering specials or 1 week free trails. I have taken courses from Coursera (you can even do a degree because of their alliance with different Colleges),Udemy, ChiroCredit, LinkedIn, but there are many more like Khan Academy, Udacity, edX among others. If you get bored and want to learn a new skill or obtain more knowledge about a topic I highly recommend doing an online course. Be safe!

Pics: Logos from Udemy, edX, Coursera and LinkdedIn.





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