Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and doctors to work together as a team to address the underlying causes of a disease and promote optimal wellness. It relies on a detailed understanding of each patient’s
genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes. The doctor performs a consultation, detail patient history, examination and laboratory testing like blood, saliva, stool among others if necessary and according to the results an individualized program will be made for the patient.

In Functional Medicine we look for the root cause of the disease not only to the symptoms. By addressing root cause, rather than symptoms, practitioners become oriented to identifying the complexity of disease. They may find one condition has many different causes and/or one cause
may result in many different conditions. Functional Medicine treatments targets the specific reflection of the disease in each individual.
It deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for serious chronic diseases, including, but not limited to endocrine disorders (Diabetes, thyroid…), autoimmune disorders (like Hashimotos…), hormonal imbalances (infertility, PCOS…) and
inflammatory disorders. Functional Medicine integrates traditional Western medical practices with what is sometimes call “alternative” or “holistic” medicine, creating a focus on prevention through nutrition, diet, and exercise; use of the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic
techniques; and prescribed combinations of botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, or stress-management techniques.
Take control of your health in a natural non invasive way. Prevent future damage, live a longer and healthier life. Stop living in pain, with health issues progressing overtime no matter how many medications and diets you go through. Look for the root cause of your health problems, address them and enjoy the life you deserve.

-Chronic diseases account for 86% for all healthcare cost.
-50% of adults have at least one chronic condition.
-1 in every 3 kids are overweight. Obesity is linked to chronic conditions like heart disease,
asthma, high blood pressure among others.
-50% higher risk of earlier death for people with diabetes, and medical costs of people with
diabetes type 2 are twice as high as people without diabetes type 2.
-24 million people are affected by an autoimmune disease.
-#1 cause of death in USA are heart diseases, 2 nd cause of death cancer.
-Malnutrition (lack of proper nutrition either due to unhealthy diet or not absorbing the nutrients)
is a global phenomenon.

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